Test Driven Development with RSpec

Build an effective and fast testing environment

Test-Driven Development (TDD), supports an iterative and incremental development cycle. It involves writing your tests first before writing any production code. A test suite provides a safety net as you grow your product's behaviour one test at a time. This safety net supports you now and in the future to keep your application working as you change and grow it.

This concept can be challenging for those unused to it. What am I testing? How does that help me write better code?

In this workshop you will answer those questions as you learn test-driven development in Ruby on Rails using RSpec and Capybara amongst other tools. RSpec is the most popular Ruby testing framework. Capybara is a commonly used Ruby library which makes it easy to simulate how a user interacts with your application.

You will learn everything you need to know to start practicing TDD in your Ruby projects and become more confident in writing tests.

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  • 2.5 hour session each day for four days for optimal reflection and learning
  • Online format with a group of up to ten to really explore the topics

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Elle and Lachlan have a knack for creating a safe learning environment and helping participants of all levels get involved. I left their workshop inspired, with a few new tools under my belt and the confidence to put them in practice.

They know the web community inside-out so speakers they bring in are top notch. Would highly recommend them to any development team looking to level up.

Steve Gilles , Founder at Lookahead

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